Truth behind Getting Free Likes On Social Media

You are a newbie blogger and you want to allure crowd into your blog.  You have only 100 known people into your account? And 100 likes won’t even make a big difference right? That’s where buying likes on social media is heightened and websites like come into ply.

Why is it necessary?

No it is not mandate, but if you can’t get the likes and followers for your business the usual way. Then you have to opt for purchasing it to get noticed by the audience. Nowadays social media is the best place to endorse your business. Getting numerous likes would help you gain Better returns on your investment as well.

But before you ponder about the decision to opine on buying likes, you should be aware about the pros and cons.



  • Help you to achieve the hype for your personal interests.
  • You can opt for the free package. Where you will have to like others post and in return they will like yours too. Just like an Instagram Bot.
  • As in the case of any social media, you will get to meet people having similar interests.
  • You can even join shareyt as a freelancer and all you have to do is to like posts or watch videos in YouTube.


  • Suppose, people liking your website and doesn’t not have something to do with your business. And your potential customers somehow detect that, and then they might opt not to invest.
  • Several social media platforms had developed an algorithm to detect any such activities.

If the likes on your profile are found to be from any fake profiles then those profiles are deactivated causing you to lose all the followers.

Try to earn followers the usual way. Remember if your deed is praise worthy people will get to know you, but this may take some time.

If not, then opt for buying likes. But before buying consider the cons as well.