Read Rustic Pathways Reviews: The Institution Where Education Meets Altruism

Rustic Pathways is an organisation whose goal is to integrate travel, service and philanthropy with education for betterment of humankind. The principal objective at Rustic is to imbibe qualities of integrity, teamwork, community service and global responsibility in the minds of this generation. It is a one of a kind organisation where along with education students are moulded into better human beings.

Inception and progress:

This companywas founded in 1983. Originally started as a small-scale endeavour in Australia, it has now reached over 15 countries. Students from all over the world can take some time off from their studies and provide service after read the rustic pathways reviews to those who need it.

Chris Stakich, who serves as CEO of Rustic has successfully expanded the organisation to more than forty times its original size. Now it has more than 500 people working for it and more than 60 students engaged in various humanitarian activities worldwide.

rustic pathways reviews

Objectives of Rustic Pathways:

Rustic Pathwaysoperates on three main principles-

  • Education
  • Travel
  • Philanthropy

Students from all over the world can travel to distant, most remote villages to serve their local communities. This incorporates a sense of responsibility amongst students from a very early period.

Along with enriching the lives of students Rustic is helping many communities around the world. They believe that education is not limited to a classroom but spread in the whole environment. One of the main targets of Rustic is to support the local economy. You can definitely know that after reading the rustic pathways reviews. They encourage students to actively support small businesses and facilitate the livelihood of local people.

Preservation of the environment is another goal they are striving to achieve. Monitoring waste, conserving water bodies, reducing usage of water and energy are practised regularly by students. After reading rustic pathways reviewsyou believe that participation of the students in discussions for environmental conservation is very important.

Overall, it is one of the best organisations to enhance your humanitarian objectives.