Maintaining Weight – Move More, Eat Less

Maintaining a healthy ideal weight not only adds to your overall fitness but it also keeps your susceptibility to various diseases low. An overweight person is at a higher risk of developing serious health diseases such as coronary heart problems, colon cancer, diabetes and so on. Your weight, your waist size and the amount of weight gained since 20’s can have serious health implication. But what is Obesity and what are the consequences of being overweight.


Obesity and Overweight – A brief Explanation

Obesity and overweight have become a global problem in the last decade. According to the Center of Disease control, over one third of adults in America are obese. Obesity is a condition associated with having an excess of body fat, defined by genetic and environmental factors and cannot be controlled by dieting. If the person body weight is 20% higher than his normal weight then the condition is referred as obese. This is a common disease affecting large mass of people, however it can be controlled by preventive measures and weight loss strategies. Are there any consequences of being overweight?

Health Consequences of Being Overweight

Carrying extra fat leads to serious health consequences like certain types of cancers, digestive disorders, breathing difficulties and even psychological problems like depressions. The more obese an individual is, the more likely he or she will be prone to diseases. There is also consistent association between obesity and overweight in childhood and adolescence with increased risk of premature and mortality rates.

Final Conclusion

Apparently with the advancement of technology and broad widespread internet, achieving the weight loss goal is not any more a harder job. There are plenty of sites like which provide information and the methods to lose weight and maintain an ideal body weight through effective ways.